Tuesday, November 27, 2012

how to reset the Photoshop Toolbar, Toolbar Location and Layout?

How to reset my photoshop toolbar. i missing somewhere else.

Answer :
Some time you will accidentally close the photoshop or illustrator toolbar or dont know where it goes?, how to reset it.

example here is adobe photoshop cs5, normaly the toolbar name we like to use in this situation is same.

If you use the Essentials Style (or maybe u use design or toher style),
1. click the windows menu,
2. go to the workspace,
3. Then click the Reset Essentials.

if u cannot find the reset essentials, try reset design or other name that have reset in the workspace sub menu.

Photoshop CS5 Screen

Workspace Sub Menu, The reset Essentials maybe different. like reset Design or etc.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What is nvidia geforce?

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What is nvidia geforce?

Windows recently updated and once i had restarted there was this program called NVIDIA GeForce. I've opened and I can't tell what it is or does. It's taking up quite alot of room and i'd like to delete it but if it's important then i don't want to delete it. So is it good or bad?

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it a driver software. dont uninstall it.
if you remove it. windows cannot take control of your video graphic at full performance.
if the program stay at the system tray ( near windows clock) it will make you have option to control the display card. example change the setting to optimized for gaming mode, movie mode etc.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

asker : Customer


1. I accidenly drop my laptop during on. After that windows cannot start.


1. After dropping the laptop during using it, if LCD screen is not crack then your HDD likely to have at least BAD SECTOR. if you using the HDD toshiba that come with censor that can detect a motion (drop and etc), It will park it self at lightning speed before the laptop hit the ground. But if your HDD is not have this technology, just a lucky can i said if the hard disk is still OK.

2. If HDD is totaly fail or Going to fail, some time you will hear a sound like CLICKING inside the laptop.

3. BAD SECTOR HDD still can use, but i recommended u save the money for new HDD. But for temporary, you can still using it. 

4. The Experience Technician can READ the Status inside the HDD if there is OK or NOT. Today HDD have a SMART status monitoring.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Password betul? tapi tak boleh login windows.

14 december 2009

asker : Shahrimi

Hari tu buat password kat laptop aku, tapi bila nak buka balik tak boleh plak. kejadian ni berlaku semasa aku nak buat password utk anak saudara aku.


cuba check keyboard numlock status. keyboard laptop seperti huruf "U,J,I,K,L.." boleh menjadi seperti kekunci keypad jika numlock status dihidupkan. Jika menggunakan laptop acer, tekan kekunci fn (biasanya berwarna biru muda) bersama dgn kekunci F11. kemudian cuba sekali lagi memasukkan password yang anda rasa betul.

Jawapan Syahrimi: DAH OK ... TERIMA KASIH

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Can You use a ME recovery disk in a XP windowes, to recover the computer back to, original version?

Ask by: jay57
Date: 2005
Can You use a ME recovery disk in a XP windowes, to recover the computer back to, original version?

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no u cannot. use windows xp recovery disk if you have create one during xp installation. if not. u just reinstall. windows xp will setup will detect the previous windowx xp installation and will ask u if u want to repair it or not.

please read carefully, the first time windows installation will ask you to press R if you want to use recovery console to repair. dont press this key R. please wait after agrement (F8) then it will search for windows installation. after that press R for reapair windows installation

* please read careful

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Monday, June 29, 2009

How to Block Internet Access for a Particular User?

ask by: singh_mo...
date: year2007

How to Block Internet Access for a Particular User?

How to Block Internet Access for a Particular User?
How is it possible to block internet access for a user in Windows XP SP2 for a specific period of time.
E.g, how to block internet browsing between 12 AM to 6 AM for a user. Remember OS is Win XP SP2.

Additional Details
The use of third party tools, for this same purpose, is avoided.

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try use mcafee internet security package. one of the component that u can use to limit user to use internet access is privacy service. after install, configure it and add the necessary user. remember. if u not login to privacy services, u cannot use internet. regarding to your purpose to block certain user to use internet. so dont leave your account for privacy serice login state, logout when u leave your computer

updates notes 30/06/2009 : windows xp cannot limit by itself internet connection like the user asking for, we must use third party program or more advance we must set at the router (network device).

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What program do people use to make their professional websites?

ask by : henryl76
ask date : year 2007
What program do people use to make their professional websites?
E.g yahoo or download.com -- Cause I want to learn HTML and hopefully that will be my future job making websites ^_^ or something

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there is so many program u can use in market. frontpage, dreamweaver, adobe golive and so on.. try download and use them, if u feel confort.purchase.. and continue study completely what it can do for you. personaly i suggest dreamweaver. i can manage and upload your website to with it.
go to www.macromedia.com for download.

reference and other answer look, folows this link