Tuesday, November 27, 2012

how to reset the Photoshop Toolbar, Toolbar Location and Layout?

How to reset my photoshop toolbar. i missing somewhere else.

Answer :
Some time you will accidentally close the photoshop or illustrator toolbar or dont know where it goes?, how to reset it.

example here is adobe photoshop cs5, normaly the toolbar name we like to use in this situation is same.

If you use the Essentials Style (or maybe u use design or toher style),
1. click the windows menu,
2. go to the workspace,
3. Then click the Reset Essentials.

if u cannot find the reset essentials, try reset design or other name that have reset in the workspace sub menu.

Photoshop CS5 Screen

Workspace Sub Menu, The reset Essentials maybe different. like reset Design or etc.

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